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The author of “Discover and Accomplish Your Goals” available on Udemy, Donald Jenkins has laid the groundwork for reaching maximum potential for anyone who has asked, or said:

  • Is this all Life has to offer?

  • What is my purpose, or calling?

  • Am I just in a rut? I can’t seem to get out of it!

  • I know what I want, I just don’t know how to get it!

  • I don’t know what IT is, but I feel like there is something more!

Discovering your passion is only the first step! And most of us don’t know where to go from there. Donald has spent his life fascinated by this very human process, studying it in his daily interactions and challenging others to take the next step toward their “It.”

Having worked with successful musicians, entrepreneurs and youth, Donald has made it his own “MakingItHappen” journey to guide his friends like you through the “MakingItHappen” process. Now, Donald is offering private coaching for small groups, executive leadership teams and even one-on-one training to get you to where you want to be. Start pursuing your passions today! Contact Donald for a custom quote.

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Discover and Accomplish Your Goals: Making It Happen